Schools in Jos


University of Jos, Jos Plateau State 

Location: Bauchi Road, Jos 

Description: Founded in November 1971, the University of Jos originated from the satellite campus of the University of Ibadan. Admitting its first students in January 1972 as pre-degree students, the university commenced its Bachelor of Arts degree program in October 1973. Today, the University of Jos, commonly known as Unijos, stands as a Federal University located in Jos, Plateau State, central Nigeria.


Plateau State Polytechnic 

Location: Plateau State Polytechnic, Yakubu Gowon Way, Jos; and Barkin Ladi Main Campus , Plateau State


Description:  Established in 1978, the institution originated as a College of Technology situated on the premises of Government Technical College, Bukuru. By 1980, it evolved into a polytechnic. With campuses in Barkin Ladi and Bukuru near Jos, the capital of Plateau State, this state-owned polytechnic in Central Nigeria offers education up to the national diploma level.


Federal College of Education Pankshin, Pankshin; Plateau State.

Location: FCE Opp. Bwarak, Federal College, Pankshin-Barakin Ladi Rd, Duk 933105, Plateau. 

Description: FCEP, a federal institution in Nigeria, is tasked with the mandate of producing higher quality NCE and graduate teachers of international standard. Additionally, it aims to serve as a center of excellence in research in education, contributing to the advancement of educational standards and practices.


Federal College of Forestry, Jos

Location: Bauchi Road, Jos 930105, Plateau

Description: Formerly recognized as the Northern Nigeria School of Forestry Jos, this institution has evolved into a multi-disciplinary tertiary establishment. It is dedicated to providing training in areas such as agricultural wood, forestry, environmental services, and various organizations related to forests within the country.


National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI), Vom.


The National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) has its roots in responding to the devastating Rinderpest outbreaks in West Africa during 1885-1890 and 1913-1914. The establishment of Veterinary services in the protectorate colonies, particularly the Veterinary Department in Zaria in 1913, aimed at disease control and livestock management. In 1924, the department moved to Vom, becoming a pioneer institute in the West African Sub-Region for producing Anti Rinderpest Serum and Animal Vaccines. Renamed NVRI in 1975, its mandate includes researching animal diseases, developing vaccines, providing disease surveillance, introducing improved livestock breeds, extending services to farmers, and training intermediate manpower in veterinary sciences and animal health. The institute remains committed to combating emerging diseases and enhancing the production of vaccines.


Federal College of Veterinary and Medical Laboratory Technology, Vom:

Location: P.M.B 01 Vom, Plateau State Nigeria.

Description: Located in Vom, Nigeria, this college specializes in veterinary sciences and medical laboratory technology. It serves as an educational hub for aspiring professionals in these fields, offering comprehensive training programs. With a focus on healthcare and animal health, the Federal College of Veterinary and Medical Laboratory Technology contributes to the development of skilled individuals in veterinary and medical laboratory practices.


Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Vom

Location: P.M.B 01 Vom, Plateau State Nigeria.


Situated in Vom, Nigeria, this college is dedicated to animal health and production technology. It provides education and training in various aspects of animal health, husbandry, and production. As a center for learning and skill development, the institution aims to produce graduates equipped to contribute to the enhancement of animal health, productivity, and overall agricultural practices.


Plateau State College of Health Technology Zawan

Location: Zawan, Bukuru – Jos South 

Description: Established in 1977 as the School of Health Technology, the institution’s initial focus was training mid-level health personnel for implementing Primary Health Care Policies. Starting at ECWA Evangel Hospital, Jos, it later moved to its permanent site in Zawan in October 1987. Initially offering courses in Public Health, Community Health, and Medical Laboratory Sciences, the college expanded its programs in 1990 to include Assistant Health Record Officers and Pharmacy Technician courses. Various leaders contributed to its growth, and in 2003, it transformed into the Plateau State College of Health Technology, achieving this milestone through official legislation.


Plateau State College of Health Technology , Pankshin Nigeria

Location: Barkin Ladi Road, Pankshin, Plateau State 

Description: The Plateau State College of Health Technology, Pankshin, Nigeria, was founded as the School of Health Technology. Its primary goal is the training of mid-level health personnel for effective implementation of Primary Health Care Policies. Over the years, the institution has expanded its academic offerings, introducing programs



Location: Garkawa, Mikang LGA

Description: Plateau State College of Agriculture, situated in Garkawa, Mikang LGA, Plateau State, Nigeria, is a state-owned tertiary institution. It houses four departments: Agricultural Technology, Animal Health and Production, Home and Rural Economics, and Basic Studies. Established in 1998, shortly after the separation of Nasarawa State, the college has consistently served as a key center of learning for individuals from across the Middle Belt Region.


College of Education Gindiri 

Location: Gindiri, Mangu 

Description: Situated in Mangu, Plateau State, Nigeria, the College of Education, Gindiri, is a state government higher education institution. The college is affiliated with Ahmadu Bello University for its degree programs.


The ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos (JETS)

Location: Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Road, Farin Gada, Jos 

Description: The ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos (JETS), is owned and operated by the Evangelical Church Winning All. Established in response to ECWA’s theological education needs in the early 1970s, a Curriculum Consultation Committee was formed to guide the establishment of a distinctive theological seminary and curriculum. The philosophy of theological education and its curriculum attracted the first principal, Professor H.W. Norton, who led the seminary from 1980 to 1983.


JETS initially focused on training pastors, Christian educators, and communicators for the church and society. The early programs included Pastoral, Education, and Communication. Later, the Evangelism and Missions program and Youth Ministries Department were introduced. In 1982, JETS moved to its permanent site at Farin Gada, Jos, and despite economic challenges in Nigeria, the seminary has steadily developed infrastructure, including a library building, administrative block, staff flats, academic blocks, Women’s Institute building, PhD block, Leadership Centre building, and student hostels.


Secondary and others 

Kent Academy, Miango 

Location: Kent Academy, Miango Road, Behind Rukuba army barracks, Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria.

Description: Kent Academy’s purpose is to provide an outstanding Christian education within a nurturing environment, guiding children to fulfill God’s purpose in the Church and Society. Established in 1945 by Reverend Paul Craig, a missionary with the Society of International Missionaries, the school initially served missionary children (MKs). Reverend Craig’s vision was to create a boarding school, Kent Academy, where MKs could be closer to their parents serving in the mission field. The school, named after a missionary who lost his life in service, began with four students and has since grown to provide excellent education and a Christian foundation to both missionary and Nigerian children. With a rich history spanning 65 years, Kent Academy boasts alumni making significant contributions globally across various fields.


Hillcrest School

Location: 13 Old, Bukuru Express Way, Jos

Description: Established in 1942, Hillcrest is a not-for-profit day and boarding school initially designed for missionary children, later extending its admission to all. Today, a majority of students, including expatriates, come from Nigeria. Governed by a board representing Christian cooperating bodies, Hillcrest comprises three schools: Elementary School (Kindergarten through 5th grade), Middle School (6th through 8th grade), and High School (9th through 12th grade), offering Advanced Placement classes. The school, led by a Superintendent, has a strong track record, with nearly all graduates annually gaining admission to Western universities or colleges in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, or New Zealand.


List of Secondary Schools in Jos, Plateau State:


– Air force Military School, Jos, Nigeria 

– Air force Girls Military School, Jos, Nigeria 

– Naraguta grammar school, Jos

– Aristocrats junior varsity AJV ray-field, Jos

– Baptist High School, Jos

– Bethel int’l Christian academy ray-field, Jos

– Boys’ Secondary School, Gindiri

– Canaan High School, Shaaka, Rayfield, Jos

– COCIN headquarters church school, Zaria road, Rikkos

– College of Arabic and Islamic Studies (CAIS) Rikkos

– Command Secondary School, Zaria Road, Jos

– Corona School Bukuru, Jos

– ECWA Staff School, Farin Gada, Jos

– Effective International College, Jos

– Emmanuel International College Rayfield, Jos

– Federal Government College, Jos.

– Federal Government Girls College, Lantang, Jos

– Girls’ High School, Gindiri

– Government College, Pankshin

– Government College, Garkawa

– Government Girls Science School, Shendam

– Government Secondary School, Pankshin

– Government Science school, Kuru

 – Government Secondary School Riyom 

– GSS Daika

– GSS Dyis

– GSS Jiblik

– GSS Kombun

– GSS Miango 

– GSS Panyam

– GSS Shendam

– GSS Dokan Tofa

-GSS Mista Ali 

-Government Secondary School, Buji 

– Infant Jesus Academy, Rukuba Road, Jos

– Kings & Queens Academy, Jos, Plateau

– Messiah College

– Mount Carmel Christian School, Jos

– Mwansat college, Mangu

– Nakam Memorial Secondary School, Panyam Mangu (NMSS) 

– NVRI Staff Primary and Secondary School, Vom

– Rantya High School, Jos

– Rockland International College, Jos

– Royal Crown Academy, Rayfield, Jos

– Sacred Scholars academy, Nyalgo-gyel, Bukuru

– St Benedict Seminary And Convent, Pankshin

– St John’s College, Jos

– St. Joseph’s College (CSJ) Vom

– St. Louis College Jos (Louisville)

– St. Murumba College, Jos

– St. Paul’s Academy Jos

– Starlet Academy, Zaramaganda, Jos

– United Faith Tabernacle College, Jarawan Kogi, Jos East

– Al’iman Secondary School

– Al’bayan Secondary School