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Restaurants & Cafes in Jos

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Restaurants and Cafes in Jos

Barcardi Restaurant and Cafè

Location: 11 Dandaura Road, Off Wase Road, GRA, Jos, Plateau

Description:  Barcardi Restaurant and Café, situated at 11 Dandaura Road, Off Wase Road in GRA, Jos, Plateau, invites you to savor a culinary journey where exquisite dishes meet the warm ambiance of a café. Enjoy a delightful fusion of flavors in the heart of Jos.

Varlaine’s Upscale Celebratory Cafe & Grill Restaurant

Location: No. 1 Chan road, Opp New Gov’ House, Little Rayfield, Jos.

Description: Verlaine’s Upscale Celebratory Cafe & Grill Restaurant, situated at No. 1 Chan road, opposite New Government House in Little Rayfield, Jos, invites you to a sophisticated celebration of flavors and ambiance. 

Jos City Park and KruiseYard, Jos 

Location: Mazaram Junction, New Government House, Little Rayfield, Jos.

Description: Immerse yourself in the cruising ambiance of KruiseYard, a lively spot at Mazaram Junction where relaxation and socializing take center stage.

Sweet November Bistro

Location: 1b beside Eliel Center, Gold & Base, Jos.

Description: Sweet November Bistro, nestled at 1b beside Eliel Center in Gold & Base, Jos, offers a delightful haven where each month feels like a sweet November. Indulge in culinary delights in a cozy setting.

Tin City Cafè

Location: 37A Apollo Crescent, Opposite Joseph Gomwalk Secretariat, Jos

Description: Tin City Café, located at 37A Apollo Crescent in Jos, welcomes you to savor a taste of the city’s vibrancy with a diverse menu and a warm atmosphere for your coffee and conversations.

The Net Café

Location: 25 Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos 930211, Plateau

Description: Discover the inviting ambiance of The Net Café, located at 25 Ahmadu Bello Way in Jos 930211, Plateau. Here, the essence of cozy gatherings and delightful conversations mingles with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, creating a warm retreat in the heart of Jos.

Versecorp Lounge and Cafe

Location: Adjacent Shincho company, Shincho Road, Rayfield, Jos.

Description: Versecorp Lounge and Cafe, located adjacent to Shincho company, offers a perfect blend of relaxed lounge vibes and a cafe setting, creating a versatile space for various preferences.

18th Street Lounge

Location: 18th Street, Jos, Akila Machunga Street, By National Library 

Description: Step into the trendy 18th StreetLounge for a modern and chic atmosphere, where the 18th Street in Jos becomes the backdrop for your leisure and enjoyment.

Ozero Cafe

Location: No. 3 Miri drive, Gold and Base Rayfield, Jos South.

Description: Ozero Cafe at No. 3 Miri Drive is a delightful oasis in Gold and Base Rayfield, where the fusion of cafe culture and serene surroundings creates a perfect retreat.

JWs Cuisines

Location: Shop 101 Tadow House, beside St. Finbars Church Rayfield, Jos.

Description: Indulge in culinary delights at JWs Cuisines, located at Shop 101 Tadow House, where each dish tells a story of taste and passion in the heart of Rayfield.

The Stop Food & Hospitality 

Location: No. 32 Dr. David Jonah Jang Way, Opp. Steel Rolling Mill quarters, Rayfield, Jos.

Description: The Stop Food & Hospitality marks a pause in your culinary journey, offering delectable delights at No. 32 Dr. David Jonah Jang Way, opposite Steel Rolling Mill quarters.

My Shawarma & Co

Location: Beside Plateau state Polytechnic, Jos.

Description: Beside Plateau State Polytechnic, My Shawarma & Co invites you to savor the flavors of delightful shawarmas in a cozy and convenient setting.

Yakas Cafe

Location: Rayfield Resort Road, Opposite Centre La Sharp.

Description: Discover a charming retreat at Yakas Cafe, located on Rayfield Resort Road, opposite Centre La Sharp, offering a serene atmosphere for your coffee and conversation.

Magnet Cafe

Location: 50973 Zaramaganda-Fwavei-Rayfield Rd, Jos.

Description: Magnet Cafe, situated at 50973 Zaramaganda-Fwavei-Rayfield Rd, pulls you into its magnetic charm, providing a captivating space for your culinary and social experiences.

Shawarma & Grills (S&G)

Location: British America junction, Jos.

Description: British America junction becomes a culinary junction at Shawarma & Grills (S&G), where the fusion of shawarmas and grills delights taste buds in Jos.

Nirvana Park & Gardens

Location: Opp. FERMA, Along PRTV Kwang Road, Rayfield, Jos.

Description: Find your moment of tranquility at Nirvana Park & Gardens, nestled opposite FERMA, along PRTV Kwang Road, Rayfield, offering a serene escape in Jos.

Cabròn Bar & Restaurant 

Location: Jiyep road, Hwolshe, Beside Sarau Event Center, Jos.

Description: Cabròn Bar & Restaurant on Jiyep road, Hwolshe, beside Sarau Event Center, Jos, is a lively destination offering a blend of bar vibes and restaurant elegance for your enjoyable evenings

Ask Me Restaurant Jos

Location: 48 Ahmadu Bello Way, By Challenge Bookshop, Jos – Plateau State. 

Description: Ask Me Restaurant Jos, nestled at 48 Ahmadu Bello Way, by Challenge Bookshop in Jos, Plateau State, invites you to savor the rich and authentic flavors of local Nigerian dishes in a welcoming and vibrant setting. Indulge in a culinary experience that celebrates the diversity and taste of Nigerian cuisine.

Fidian Cakes

Location: No. 69 POWA Shops, Adjacent Rantya Divisional Police Station, State Lowcost, Jos.

Description: Fidian Cakes, found at No. 69 POWA Shops, adjacent to Rantya Divisional Police Station in State Lowcost, Jos, is your go-to destination for delectable cakes and sweet delights.

Noshville Bistro

Location: Beside Geotess Tudun-wada Ring Road By Mselia Motors, Jos.

Description: Noshville Bistro, nestled beside Geotess Tudun-wada Ring Road by Mselia Motors in Jos, offers a gastronomic journey in a chic setting where every bite is an experience.