About Us

Who We Are

We are a business and communications consultancy firm focusing on human resource development, branding, marketing and capacity building. Our firm, a multi-disciplinary one with highly talented, experienced and dedicated partners and staff have experiences in different facets of working life was Registered in 2019. We offer a wide range of professional services which cover marketing communications consulting, human resource development secretarial and consultancy services in all ramifications.


Step back in time with us! Our history holds amazing stories, remarkable events, and fascinating people. Explore the past and uncover the secrets that shaped our world today. Join us on an exciting journey through time!

Before its registration with the CAC in 2019 and its decision to go into other forms of service, WeJosRock NG, from 2011 has existed as a Tourism promotion Business, An image projector of Nigeria, and a re-branding Nigeria project.   This image projection is done to clients’ product or service through our sub-service which covers advertisement and promotion. Our line of business then was Product Branding and Promotion, Advertisement, General PR. Today, the brand is a business and communications consultancy firm with multi-disciplinary talented, experienced and dedicated partners who offer a wide range of services.

Our Services

We offer specialized training on, and offer these services:

Business and communications consultancy

News Blogging


Capacity Development




Digital Media Service

Under our Digital Media sub-section, we specialize in cutting-edge Website Development services, ensuring a seamless integration of technology into our comprehensive suite of offerings.


To be a recognized company in the strategic solutions space offering innovative human capacity development and management consulting experiences for businesses and their people.


To collaborate and build excellent delivery capability in organizations through strategic initiatives and human resource capacity development, ensuring value is delivered to all stakeholders.

Our Focus on Doing our Job

Our focus as a company is to collaborate with our clients to help them build and sustain their organizations’ capability so they can deliver on their strategic business objectives. This we do through our excellent recruitment, outsourcing, training, and management consulting services.   Our numerous clients attest to the high quality services we offer which contribute in no small amount measure in ensuring the growth of their organizations.

Core values

• Act with integrity in all our dealings.
• Align with the law of the land.

• Commitment to continuous improvement. • Collaborative work methods.