Renew Our World Launches Radio Show ‘Keep the Planet Green’ to Drive Climate Action in Nigeria.

Renew Our World, a global Christian movement dedicated to climate action, is set to launch a new radio program titled “Keep the Planet Green” on Jay 101.9 FM in Jos, Plateau state.

The Announcement from Renew Our World

The three-month-long show, premiering on February 16 and airing every Friday, will be hosted by Joey Shekwonuzhibo, a respected development journalist, and Christy Makut, a geophysicist.

By facilitating engaging discussions, the program aims to shed light on climate change issues and empower communities to take meaningful action.

The significance of this initiative lies in raising climate awareness and fostering understanding, crucial elements in addressing global climate challenges. Promise Salawu, a project officer at Renew Our World, emphasizes the importance of informing individuals and communities to drive action effectively.

Radio was chosen as the medium for its unparalleled reach and ability to engage diverse audiences. Jay FM, with its extensive coverage spanning multiple states, provides an ideal platform for broadcasting the show to a wide audience. Renew Our World is collaborating with various organizations, including Jos Green Centre, ACET Nigeria, and TCNN, to ensure the success of the program.

The debut episode will focus on waste management, featuring insights from notable climate advocates such as Asibi Akwa from Jos Green Centre, June Elsie, and Monday Akubuokwu from Renew Our World. This collaborative effort aims to inspire and empower listeners to play an active role in combating climate change in Plateau state and beyond.

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