Press Briefing By Equity International On The Killings In Mangu, Bokkos And Other LGAs In Plateau State.

The press release by Equity International addresses the recent spate of killings in Plateau State, condemning the violence and urging government action to arrest perpetrators. It calls for the creation of State Police, compensation for affected communities, and enhanced security measures. Concern is expressed for targeted Christian communities, and humanitarian support is requested. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is urged to fulfill promises of peace restoration.

Here is the Statement Signed by Ambassador Chris Iyama, for Equity

Some of the Survivors of The Attack



It has become expedient to address you today given very sad series of unfortunate events that have occured Mangu, Bokkos and other Local Government Areas of Plateau State.

These events columnated in the unfortunate killings of at least 230 innocent people within just a month. What is most painful about these unfortunate killings is that people were preparing to celebrate Christmas and in the dead of the night, they were slaughtered. The enemies of humanity slaughter women, children and few weeks old new born babies.

What is more worrisome is that these attacked went on unabated for hours without restrain from security agencies or anyone else. As an organization we condemn this unprovoked attack on humanity, regardless of the reasons behind them. There is no justification for the killing of innocent people at night in their sleep.

We wish to call on government at all levels to do the needful in ensuring that the perpetrators are arrested and made to pay in accordance with the law. We are aware that the Plateau State Governor does not command troops to make arrests, hence we are calling on the National Assembly to expedite action and pass the law to enable for the creation of State Police so that Governors can take swift actions considering that they are the first respondents in the event of any security problems.

We wish to also call for immediate initiation of modalities to compensate communities whose property and farmlands were destroyed, thereby creating huge implication for food security and scarcity in the coming days. This is because the communities attacked are one of the largest farming communities in Plateau State and Nigeria at large.

We are particularly concerned about these attacks because they seem to be targeting our Christian communities and Churches, this to us is an attempt to systematically annihilate our brethren in Plateau State. We fear that this is nothing but pure act of terro and genocide against the plateau people and the nation at large.

We call on security agencies to live up to their responsibilities in protecting innocent and helpless citizens.

We are deeply concerned that these attacks attended, inspite of the visit of the federal government led by the vice president earlier in the month and security security chiefs to the affected local government and communities, we have not recorded significant progress with security in the affected areas.

According to reports, most of the communities are not accessible and these are the claims of the military and other security agencies. The claims that most of the communities affected are not accessible laughable and the same time heart breaking because we wonder how election materials get to those places during election and anytime the politicians are seeking for their votes. Our security agencies have no other business but to secure lives and properties.

We’re calling on the federal government and security agencies to intensify efforts in securing the lives of our brothers and sisters in the under served and under protected Communities.

We’re calling on Federal Government and security agencies to immediately reclaim and secure all abandoned farm lands, and abandoned homes so that all the farmers who left their ancestral lands can feel safe to return to their communities and their farm lands.

We are also calling on the the National Emergency Management Agency to intensify humanitarian support to all the affected communities.

Our appeal to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu (GCFR) to demonstrate by actions the “Renewed Hope” he promised Nigerians in order for the people of Plateau State to enjoy the relative peace they enjoyed before the advent of his administration.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ambassador Chris Iyama, for Equity International.

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